Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

No Spoilers The Force has awoken and brought to life a new and unpredictable Star Wars movie, challenging much of what fans were expecting in the sequel to The Force Awakens. Director Rian Johnson brought to life a beautiful looking film that focuses on the passing of the baton from the old generation of heroes... Continue Reading →

Justice League Review

No Spoilers I think it is safe to say I wasn’t a massive fan of the DC cinematic Universe prior to Wonder Woman. Every time I watch Man of Steel it gets a little better, but it still has some massive flaws. Batman V Superman has some positives but the negatives far out weigh them... Continue Reading →

Rogue One Spoiler Free Review

Rogue One puts the Wars into Star Wars. In 1977 in the opening crawl to Star Wars Episode IV, George Lucas wrote of a battle won by the Rebel Alliance and how a group of spies had stolen the plans to the Death Star, Rogue One tell the story of those Spies. The Film takes... Continue Reading →

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