Welcome to Millennial Movies – Movies from a Millennial Perspective.

I am Dylan and I am the writer of Millennial Movies. I am an Australian University student and I like to think of myself as a movie buff even though there are still so many movies I need to see. I grew up loving the original Star Wars movies and I love Comic Book movies, War Movies and Historical Movies.

Being a Millennial I decided to chose the name Millennial Movies. I feel that sometimes Millennials are thought of in a negative light so I am trying to offer some positivity around the work, in particular when it comes to film.

When it comes to review I will review the movie, offer my recommendation and then give the movie a score out of 10. Here is how the scoring works:

  • 1 is unwatchable.
  • 2 should definitely be avoided.
  • 3 is for those movies that annoy you.
  • 4 is bad, not laughing in a comedy bad.
  • 5 is an average film, and its ok to be average guys, we can’t all be 10s
  • 6 is positive but with some flaws,
  • 7 is an enjoyable film with positives,
  • 8 is great movie and great viewing experience
  • 9 is a nearly perfect film
  • 10 is phenomenal, highly entertaining and well made.

I will be reviewing movies, mostly major releases but some other smaller films from time to time. I will also doing movie news recap posts and other movie related posts. If you have a film for me to review, email or Tweet me and I’ll get the review done as soon as possible. All reviews will be spoiler free unless it is stated in the title.

Thanks for checking out Millennial Movies.


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