Wonder Woman Final Trailer Review

Of all of the DCEU marketing campaigns it is safe to say that the Wonder Woman one has been the best. This trailer is no exception. We have seen enough of the story, enough of the humour and enough of the awesome looking action to get us excited. The new element of this trailer is... Continue Reading →

The Dark Tower Trailer 1 Review

Idris Elba is a bad ass as the Gunslinger in this trailer and I would watch anything with him in it. I retract my previous statements about him being too old for James Bond because he looks awesome. I have been a big fan of his for a very long time and it is great... Continue Reading →

Thor Ragnarok Teaser Trailer Review

This teaser trailer was incredible. It showed the right amount of story mixed with the right amount of cool marketing material. After the Entertainment Weekly special on Thor Ragnarok some people where left wondering what was going on in those pictures. After this teaser many of those questions are answered. We get to see what... Continue Reading →

IT (2017) Trailer Review

This trailer was creepy as hell. I don’t have a fear of clowns like most people but this got me. I haven’t seen the previous version of the Stephen King story so this trailer gave away the perfect amount of information. We get that there is an evil clown haunting this town killing people. We... Continue Reading →

Super Bowl Trailers

Every year studios pay an enormous amount of money to show a trailer at the Super Bowl since hundreds of millions of people watch the game around the world. This year it cost $5million for 60 seconds so studios had to be very select with what they showed to make sure they got their moneys... Continue Reading →

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