My 5 Burning questions and the answers for Justice League

I did a post asking the 5 burning questions I had going into Justice League. After seeing the movie I now have an answer for them.

This post will contain spoilers for Justice League

  1. How will Superman come back?
Justice League
Image via Warner Brothers

If you pay attention during the final shot of Batman Vs Superman you will see dirt rise from the top of Clark Kent’s coffin, the same way the dirt rose the first time Superman flew. That mixed with the behind the scenes drama with Henry Cavill’s moustache and the fact it’s Superman, it is pretty easy to work out that The Last Son of Krypton will be back for Justice League. What isn’t clear is how will he come back? Kryptonian Technology? A Mother Box? The power of Lois Lane’s love? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Answer: He came back in a really awesome way. The team needed to break into the Krypotian crash site, place Superman in the Genesis Chamber and harness the energy from the Mother Box. Superman returns a little unaware of everything happening and has a small altercation with the League until Lois Lane snaps him out of it. I thought that though the scene was rushed it worked really well with the pacing of the movie. I am glad we didn’t see Superman go evil and fight beside Steppenwolf, we don’t need evil Superman and we don’t need an extended Batman versus Superman fight again. Oh and Henry Cavill’s moustache really stands out in this scene.


  1. Will we see any Green Lanterns?

In one of the Trailers, Steppenwolf mentions that there are no Lantern’s on Earth, potentially referring to the Green Lantern Corp. We know that a Green Lantern Corps movie is in development, with rumours that one or two Lanterns may show up in Justice League. We could see them in the post credit scene, or maybe it was just a throw away line to tease the audience in a trailer.

Answer: Well we got to see a Green Lantern but not the ones we expected or in the way that was rumoured. We learn that when Steppenwolf first invaded Earth and the warriors of Earth joined forces; the Green Lanterns came to their aid. One Lantern even gave their life for the cause. We now know that the Green Lantern Corps exists in this universe.


  1. Will the Flash scene from Batman V Superman be explained?
Ezra Miller
Image via Warner Brothers

There were a few dream sequences throughout BVS but one that feels like there is a deeper meaning is the scene with Flash appearing to warn Bruce. Now at the time the message feels like it is Flash warning Bruce that he was right that Superman is the enemy, but since the scene is yet to fully be explored, maybe he wasn’t warning Bruce at all. What if he was trying to tell Bruce that Lois is the key to bringing Clark back? What if Future Bruce sent Flash back to tell Bruce how to resurrect Superman? Either way I think the scene needs to be explained.

Answer: Nope, we didn’t get a resolution on this. I feel that Zack Snyder had something planned originally but got cut out when the reshoots meant the story changed.


  1. What was Wonder Woman doing for the 100 years between Wonder Woman and BVS?
Image via Warner Brothers

This one is a bit of a stretch but it is a fair question to ask. What did she do for 100 years? The ending of Wonder Woman some what contradicts the ending of BVS with Wonder Woman discovering love for Man. So what did she do during that time period, did she return to Themyscira? Or did she fight in the next World War? How did she end up working in the Louvre? Some of the questions might be answered but I expect we might have to wait until Wonder Woman 2 to get the whole truth.

Answer: We get a brief answer to this. Diana said she was still fighting during that 100-year gap but she fought in the shadows. She did not want to lose any more soldiers the same way she lost Steve Trevor. This makes sense for the character and presents an interesting challenge for Patty Jenkins for Wonder Woman 2, or she can just ignore it and do her own thing.


  1. How will the movie end?
Justice League The League
Image via Warner Brothers

Perhaps this is the biggest question of them all. Clearly not everything has worked out for Warner Brother and DC when they set out to build a cinematic universe, and in fact Justice League was originally set to be released as a two-part film before it was decided by the studios to be just one film. The universe itself has been changed several times with different stand-alone films being announced and cancelled and announced again. Currently there is only one film set for release in 2018, James Wan’s Aquaman, then the films that are in preproduction or development are, Shazam, Suicide Squad 2, Wonder Woman 2 and Flashpoint. Warner Brother has claimed that they will wait to see how Justice League does before they try and restructure their cinematic universe, which leads to the question, how will the movie end? Will it set up a world of stand-alone films? Will The Flash run back in time to reset the universe? What direction will the universe take?

Answer: It ends on a happy note, the League has come together, Superman is back, Steppenwolf is gone and all is right with the world. Except if you stayed to the end of the credits you’ll know that there is a new threat, the Legion of Doom lead by the newly free Lex Luther and Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke. I am a big fan of the idea that The Legion of Doom will be the villains moving forward, it is a change of pace to anything that has come before it. Given the reception to Justice League I am not sure where Warner Brothers will take this franchise in the future. Hopefully we can still see a Legion of Doom movie because that would be awesome.


That’s it everyone, those are my 5 burning questions for Justice League and the answers. Let me know in the comment section if your questions were answered. Also check out my review of Justice League here

Image via Warner Brothers

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