In Theatres This Week: September 28th

Coming out in theatres this week around Australia

Battle of the Sexes

Image via Fox Searchlight

Synopsis: The true story of the 1973 tennis match between World number one Billie Jean King and ex-champ and serial hustler Bobby Riggs.

Starring: Emma Stone, Steve Carell, Andrea Riseborough, Alan Cumming,Sarah Silverman, Eric Christian Olsen, Elisabeth Shue, Austin Stowell

Director: Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris

Running Time: 121 mins

Rating: PG Mild themes, sexual references and coarse language


Flatliners (2017)

Image via Sony

Synopsis: Five medical students, obsessed by what lies beyond the confines of life, embark on a daring experiment: by stopping their hearts for short periods, each triggers a near-death experience – giving them a firsthand account of the afterlife.

Starring: Ellen Page, James Norton, Kiersey Clemons, Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev, Kiefer Sutherland, Charlotte McKinney, Beau Mirchoff

Director: Niels Arden Oplev

Running Time: 108 mins

Rating: M Mature themes, violence, sex scene and coarse language


Pick of the Week:

Pretty easy to work out what movie will be my Pick of the Week this week. One of these movies looks like a potential Oscar contender and one looks like a bad 90s thriller. Given that Flatliners is a remake/sequel of a 90s thriller movies it doesn’t seem like it will be a stretch. None of the marketing has me interested in this at all. Following her Oscar win it will be great to see Emma Stone and Steve Carell team up again in this historical drama.

My Pick of the Week is Battle of the Sexes

What is your Pick of the Week?

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4 thoughts on “In Theatres This Week: September 28th

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    1. That’s fair enough. Some weeks are like that. I just looked at the list of movies I’ve missed recently so I plan to go back and see a few. Plus see some I already saw like IT.
      Thanks for the comment

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