In Theatres This Week: July 20th

Coming out in theatres this week around Australia


Image via Warner Brothers

Synopsis: Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire, Canada, and France are surrounded by the German army and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II.

Staring: Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Harry Styles, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, James D’Arcy, Miranda Nolan

Director: Christopher Nolan

Running Time: 106 mins

Rating: M Mature Themes, Violence and Course Language

Paris Can Wait

Paris can Wait
Image via Transmission Films

Synopsis: The wife of a successful movie producer takes a car trip from the south of France to Paris with one of her husband’s associates.

Staring: Diane Lane, Alec Baldwin, Arnaud Viard, Cédric Monnet

Director: Eleanor Coppola

Running Time: 92 mins

Rating: PG Mild Themes and Occasional Course Language

Wish Upon

Wish Upon
Image via Broad Green Productions

Synopsis: A teenage girl discovers a box that carries magic powers and a deadly price for using them.

Staring: Joey King, Ryan Phillippe, Shannon Purser, Ki Hong Lee, Alice Lee, Daniela Barbosa, Michelle Alexander, Raegan Revord, Mitchell Slaggert

Director: John R Leonetti

Running Time: 90 mins

Rating: Yet To Be Classified

Pick of the Week:

It is a World War II movie directed by Christopher Nolan what is not to get excited about. The cast is great, the story would be intense to see on the big and I can’t to see it at IMAX.

Dunkirk is my Pick of the Week.

What is your Pick of the Week?

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2 thoughts on “In Theatres This Week: July 20th

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    1. I am not the biggest Nolan fan but I am intrigued with this movie based on the fact it’s less than 2 hours. It’s rated M in Australia PG13 in US which means it won’t be a graphic movie so it will rely heavily on the story. Plus the cast is fantastic

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