IT (2017) Trailer Review

This trailer was creepy as hell. I don’t have a fear of clowns like most people but this got me. I haven’t seen the previous version of the Stephen King story so this trailer gave away the perfect amount of information. We get that there is an evil clown haunting this town killing people. We get that a group of kids are going to go after him. Perhaps the best aspect of the trailer is we never properly get to see Pennywise the clown. This builds the suspense going into the movie.

There’s a strong Stranger Things vibe to this trailer, with young school kids set in the 80s going up against a mysterious enemy. I know the book was written before Stranger Things came out but it is interesting to note the number of movies with a group of adolescence taking on the villain. It looks like it can pull this off though.

There were a few moments in the trailer that really got me; one was the start with the sewage drain, despite seeing that coming still freaked me out. The shot of the boys using the projectors (or whatever those devices were called) was really creepy. The final shot of the trailer where we get the best look at Pennywise was also quite freaky.

I think this trailer showed the perfect amount of story and demonstrated the type of movie that IT will be. I am not one for horror films but I am keen to see this. This trailer was great. If you want to see an even creepier version check out the Cat in the Hat version.



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