Update – Josh Gad asks the questions every Star Wars fan needs answers too.

Last week actor Josh Gad shared an interesting video on his social media. For those who don’t know who Josh Gad is, he is most famous for being the voice of Olaf the snowman in Frozen, as well as Steve Wozniak in the film jOBS with Ashton Kutcher. Currently Josh is filming Murder on the Orient Express, the new Kenneth Branagh film staring Daisy Ridley who became known for her portrayal of Rey in Star Wars The Force Awakens. Now last week the world was treated to the title for Star Wars Episode VIII, The Last Jedi, which has caused a great deal of speculation amongst the Star Wars community. Josh Gad decided he has the best way to get the information for the fans, just ask Daisy.

Josh decided to invite Daisy to his trailer under false pretences (his words) to talk about a scene they were in that day, but during their chat he began to ask the hard-hitting questions like who are the last Jedi? Is it singular or plural? Will something happen to Daisy or Mark (Hamill)? And most importantly is she a Jedi? She seems pretty unimpressed as she claims that he can’t ask her that just as she can’t ask him about Frozen 2. Good news everyone Josh confirmed that Olaf will be in Frozen 2. Josh gets a little rude after that with a slight out burst causing Daisy to leave the trailer, though she does giggle. Unfortunately Star Wars fans we got no answers.

Today Josh Gad tried again, inviting Daisy back to apologise and go through the scene they had to shoot. Josh alludes to some questions that will be asked in the scene by Ridley’s character like, who are Rey’s Parents? Is she a Jedi? Is Finn paralysed? We all need answers right? Daisy decided she’s had enough of Josh and decides to just leave without saying a word.

Got to give the man credit he is trying very hard, even more respect to Daisy Ridley she must love having the answers to the questions and not telling a soul.


So Josh Gad was at it again, trying hard to find out any details he can from Daisy Ridley regarding Episode 8. This time though he enlist the help of a very powerful ally to force Daisy to answer the questions, Dame Judy Dench! Straight down to the point Dame Dench asks Daisy if she had been tested for midichlorians (a concept I really hope is dead and buried), She enquires about the identity of Supreme Leader Snoke, and perhaps the most important question is she the last Jedi? It would seem that years of intimidating James Bond has left Dench with the skills to force people to talk as Daisy agrees to tell her. I cant wait for the next one.


Final Update: According to Josh Gad this will be his final attempt to gain the truth about Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi.

Once again the hero of the people Josh Gad tries to gain the secrets of Star Wars Episode VIII from Daisy Ridley. After his last attempt with the help of Dame Judy Dench, Josh decided to up the ante with what appears to be an intervention approach. After being invited to Josh’s home Daisy is confronted by some of her fellow actors from her current film Murder on the Orient Express, some of her Lucasfilm colleagues and members of Jurassic World. Whilst these videos have been hilarious in their own nature that fact that Colin Trevorrow (Director of Episode XI)and JJ Abrams (Director of Episode VII) are present. For some reason Chris Pratt is present for this intervention and offers much wisdom but nothing relating to Star Wars.

Here’s the full list of those who contribute to Daisy’s intervention

Leslie Odom Jr – Actor – Murder on the Orient Express

Derek Connolly – Writer – Star Wars Episode XI

Colin Trevorrow – Director – Star Wars Episode 9

Chris Pratt – Actor – Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World and the Avengers

Bryce Dallas Howard – Actress – Jurassic World

Penelope Cruz – Actress – Murder on the Orient Express

Lucy Boynton – Actress – Murder on the Orient Express

Tom Bateman – Actor – Murder on the Orient Express

JJ Abrams – Director – Star Wars Episode VII

Hopefully you have enjoyed Josh Gads battle for information against Daisy Ridley.


Image via Sharp Magazine

Video via Josh Gad Facebook

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