Deadpool Review

As a Valentines Day special I decided to review the movie that came out a year ago and is perhaps the best Valentines Day movie to watch. Hope you enjoy my throwback review of Deadpool.

“You’re probably thinking, “My boyfriend said this was a superhero movie but that guy in the suit just turned that other guy into a f**king kebab!” Well, I may be super, but I’m no hero. And yeah, technically, this is a murder. But some of the best love stories start with a murder. And that’s exactly what this is, a love story.”

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In 2009 film audiences witness perhaps one of the biggest comic book character betrayals when X-Men Wolverine Origins decided to butcher the character of Deadpool, completely changing everything that makes the character cool, including sewing his mouth shut. In the wake of this tragedy the actor who played Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds began to campaign to do right by the character. After many years and much trouble we were finally treated to the 2016 Super Hero love story Deadpool. This MA rated comedy (R Rated in USA) was a hit at the Box Office worldwide and became the highest earning MA rated comic book movie.

Set in a X-Men universe Deadpool is the story of the Merc with the Mouth Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) and how a mutant experiment left him with accelerated healing powers and a desire for revenge. When diagnosed with cancer Wade turns to a shady operation to try and cure ‘El Cancer’, but is horribly disfigured and left with the ability to heal anything except his hideous appearance. Driven by a need to get revenge on the man who did this too him, Francis aka Ajax (Ed Skerin) Wade goes on a violent bloody quest for vengeance, that is both gruesome and humorous.

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Deadpool was a surprise hit mostly due to the way it played true to the character as he appears in the comic books as a foul mouth, violent killer who breaks the fourth wall and talks to the audience. When people think of this role, it is hard to imagine anyone other than Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool. Reynolds has the ability to perfectly blend the action and the comedy that is needed to carry the movie. Much of the meta humour in the film is brilliant as he references Hugh Jackman and Wolverine, calling out the X-Men and Professor X (McAvoy or Stewart) and even Ryan Reynolds acting. Despite Reynolds being the stand out in the film there ensemble cast was also fantastic. Morena Baccarin and T.J. Miller are fantastic as Vanessa and Weasel, who contribute to the films filthy humour. When Vanessa and Wade decide to have a contest to see whose like was more screwed up it is incredible that they were able to keep straight faces.

The humour is what makes this movie the hit it is. It would be easy for them to make an over the top violent movie that the audience could enjoy but the humour was able to elevate it. From the opening sequence and credits to the many references directed at Fox and the X-Men movies and even the crude sexual jokes, Deadpool is hilarious. There is barely a joke that does not leave you laughing out loud, even if it is laughing out of shock. There is a scene when Wade and Weasel are describing Wades face after the accident and the descriptive words they use are mind blowing that someone could think those jokes up. There are many call outs towards the X-Men and their movies but the best shot taken at a comic book movie was Wade calling out ‘Don’t make the super suit green. Or animated’ was a direct shot at Reynolds performance in Green Lantern.

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Deadpool is a fantastic movie and a refreshing change of pace than the other types of comic book movies. Though it is not the first MA rated comic book movie it is the most successful likely paving the way for future adaptations tailored towards adults. This movie highlights how successful a film can be when it is treated with the passion, care and love that Deadpool received from its creative teams.

Deadpool scored an 90% and a HD and was one of my favourite films of 2016.

Have you seen Deadpool? What are you thoughts? Did you like the film? Thank you for reading my review. Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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