Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

At the present time the only movies with information out is the bigger blockbuster movies. I am sure there will be great smaller movies that come out throughout the year; just presently there is not much information to talk about them.

Star Wars Episode 8

This is easily my most anticipated movie of 2017. After how impressive The Force Awakens was and what Disney showed they are willing to do with Rogue One I cannot wait to see how Episode 8 turns out. Disney is likely to release a trailer for the movie at Star Wars Celebration this year(April 13th in Orlando). It will be hard to see Carrie Fisher on screen as she is expected to have a larger role. I am just excited at the prospect of seeing Luke Skywalker ignite his lightsabre and demonstrate his power as a Jedi master (yes I am that nerdy).

Spider-Man: Homecoming

One thing many people loved in Captain America Civil War was the introduction of Tom Holland as Spider-Man. Marvel has gain the production rights back for Spider-Man and are determined to make it with a different feel. The trailer aired at the end of 2016 with some really cool footage that shows Peter Parker in high school and a young Spider-Man learning about himself.

Wonder Woman

I have not been impressed with the 2016 DCEU movies. I went Midnight to Batman V Superman and opening day to Suicide Squad and wanted to really like them. That being said I am eager to see if Wonder Woman will be the great DC movie we are hoping for. I thought Gal Gadot was great as Wonder Woman in the minimal screen time we have seen of her plus the trailer looks pretty awesome. The cast for this movie is also really impressive and the setting of WWI could work as a stand alone movie. DC also knows how to cut a good trailer.

Thor: Ragnarok

My favourite movie of 2016 was Hunt for the Wilderpeople, the fact that Taika Waititi is now directing a Thor movie has me really excited. Thor 2 was one of Marvels least impressive movies but with Thor Ragnarok it seems that the story is going to take a different approach with the addition of a great new cast plus the inclusion of Hulk and Doctor Strange. This has the potential to be the best Marvel Film of 2017.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

The first movie was a surprise hit and the footage released looks awesome. Disney will make their money back in Baby Groot toys alone. There looks to be a great deal of comedy and action with a great character dynamic between the Guardians. The trailer showed the right amount of footage to get me excited without showing any of the story.


The trailer for Logan was one of my favourites last year, really well cut together with Johnny Cash playing in the background. This is allegedly Hugh Jackman’s last turn as Wolverine, and will also be rated MA15+ (Rated R in USA) as opposed to the regular M rating meaning it could be a lot more violent and darker. It also feels like a completely different movie to the other X-Men movies seen in the past.

Kong: Skull Island

This movie looks like a fun action flick with a great cast of young actors and some strong experienced talent plus it has Samuel L Jackson. The trailer shows a different kind of King Kong movie, which will not end with plans on top of the Empire State building. Hopefully we get to see Kong fight monsters and not just tease it like Godzilla (2014) did. The cast is one thing that has me really excited but I enjoy giant monster fight movies like Pacific Rim and if this is half as much fun as Pacific Rim it will be a solid movie.

Justice League

As stated above I was not a fan of DC in 2016 but I am curious about Justice League. The footage shown at Comic-Con was pretty cool but there are a lot of loose plots that need to be dealt with following Batman V Superman. Hopefully there is an improvement and DC can create great movies based on Comics. I really want this movie to be a great movie. Very intrigued to see how Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman looks on the big screen and very eager to see the return of Ben Affleck’s Batman.


I personally have not been impressed with the last two Christopher Nolan movies but I am very excited by the idea of Dunkirk. I love World War II movies and am eager to see Nolan tackle a new style of film. The cast in this movie is incredible with Cillian Murphy (criminally underrated from Peaky Blinders), Tom Hardy (Hollywoods hardest worker), Mark Rylance and Harry Styles (yes from One Direction). The trailer looks like it could be a new spic style war film and hopefully Nolan crushes this attempt at a Historical movie.

Beauty and The Beast

Disney has done a great job with their live action movies, with Beauty and the Beast looking as close to the original as possible. Emma Watson looks great as Belle and will lead an all-star cast including Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson. The trailer made me very excited though I am not a fan of the horns on the beast, but that is a minor detail.

Honourable Mentions

Alien Covenant

Check out the Red Band trailer. This looks like a great follow up to Prometheus

Blade Runner 2049

I am a fan of the original Blade Runner and love the recent works of Director Denis Villeneuve

The Fate of the Furious

This has to be one of the dumbest movie titles ever. Still looks like awesome dumb fun.

John Wick 2

John Wick was an awesome action movie, this looks like a strong follow up. Just don’t kill a puppy

Power Rangers

Was not a fan on Power Rangers growing up but the trailer for this movie has me excited.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Really surprised by how good Kingsman was and with they new cast this could be even better.

The Dark Tower

Based on the book series by Stephen King, very little has been released regarding this movie but the cast looks cool and the story sounds interesting.

War for the Planet of the Apes

Very much enjoyed the previous two movies and love the motion capture work done by Andy Serkis.

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