Arrival Review

From the Director of Sicario and Prisoners Denis Villeneuve comes Arrival, a film about an Alien invasion and the two people sent to investigate it. The film stars Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whittaker and offers a refreshing look at a very played out genre of movie. When twelve alien ships land at different places around the world, we see how the world responds without a global leader. The story follows a linguistics specialist (Adams) and Physicist (Renner) as they work on the American landing site to uncover the motivation behind the arrival of aliens.

Image via Paramount Pictures

Unlike other alien invasion films that are built around large explosions and action set pieces this is a thinking persons sci-fi movie. The film takes a realistic approach to what would most likely happen if aliens were to invade by exploring international relations, military intervention and scientific exploration. Similar to Villeneuve’s other work the film builds around suspense rather than action. This film will most likely be nominated for its visuals and sound designs, as they are two aspects that stand out the most about Arrival. The way the space ship is designed is incredible and they way it visually fits into the surrounding areas looks very realistic. The sound design and scores for the aliens is brilliantly created and again works perfectly to enhance the experience of the movie. The visuals and sounds are one of the main aspects of what sets this movie apart from other invasion style movies. Another strong aspect of the film is the third act, the revelation as to why the aliens have come to earth and why the story plays out the way it does. The third act is a satisfying pay off to the build up of suspense throughout the film.

Image via Paramount Pictures

Arrival is one of the best films to come out in 2016. The story telling mixed with the fresh take on an over crowed genre (especially since Independence Day: Resurgence came out the same year) this film elevates itself to a new height. Adding in a brilliant Third act to closes the movie out on a strong note this is definitely a movie to see, in particular to see in a cinema to really appreciate the visuals and sounds.

Arrival scores a HD with 85%

Thank you for reading my review. Let me know what you thought in the comments below. Have you seen Arrival? What did you think?

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