The Magnificent Seven Review

Antoine Fuqua’s remake of a remake with a star-studded cast, is a fun action adventure that will keep viewers engaged throughout. With its amazing action set pieces and great sense of humour Magnificent Seven is an enjoyable ride. Denzel Washington brings his normal charisma to his role as the leader and delivers a strong performance. The rest of the cast including Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawke displayed a strong chemistry for people who had only just met each other which worked well in the films favour.

Having not seen the Original Steve McQueen version or even Seven Samurai it is hard to compare these movies, this story will not be considered a classic in modern cinema, or even one of Fuqua’s best (see Training Day) but like many of his films they are great action films with strong leads. Magnificent Seven is just that. That is not to put down the movie, as it was highly enjoyable. The film also falls into the category of too long, coming in at 2 hours and 13 minutes the movie began to feel long. That being said the action pieces in this film were well choreographed and fantastic to watch with all the cast looking the part as western gun fighters.

Magnificent Seven is an entertaining movie that the audience can enjoy but may not feel the desire for repeat views. Chris Pratt gives a strong performance mixing action and comedy that he does so well, Denzel Washington is a strong lead as expected and Peter Sarsgaard is a convincing villain.

Magnificent Seven scores a 70.

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