The Girl on the Train Review

I had not read the book before seeing this movie but from what I am told there were some subtle changes to the story, which may mean I enjoyed the movie more than others. As a fan of Gone Girl I had high expectations for this new thriller that looked to follow on as a similar style movie. The movie does deliver a degree of suspense as the audience tries to work out who is telling the truth and what really happened. Even with a big twist though, this movie does not hit the same notes as Gone Girl did. Emily Blunt was phenomenal as Rachel the alcoholic divorcée who watches the lives of people from a train window, in a performance that could be considered one of the best of her career.

The movie follows Rachel (Blunt) as she rides the train she begins to fantasise about the perfect lives of the people she watches from the train window, until she witnesses something that leads to a bizarre disappearance case of Who Done It. The movie works as an engaging thriller but lacks a deeper suspense that you would expect in a story like this. It could be due to the fact this movie is really long, almost 30 minutes longer than it should have been. Film length can play an important part in how engaged the audience stays with the story and with The Girl on the Train it is easy to become disengaged. One positive is the twist, while not being as deep and dramatic as other thrillers, it does explain a large amount of the story and even changes the perception of many characters. The ending delivers a sweet level of satisfaction once the story is fully explained and each character has played their role.

This movie promises a mystery and it produces a mildly interesting suspense story with great performances from Emily Blunt, Justin Theroux and Luke Evans, which make the movie more enjoyable. Solid in its delivery that will make the audience ask who was involved in the disappearance for the majority of the movie. A friend of mine referred to it as the ‘poor mans Gone Girl’ and I would have to agree.

The Girl on the Train scored a Credit with 65%

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