War Dogs Review

An entertaining film with laughs and great performances from Miles Teller and Jonah Hill, War Dogs tells the story of two young men who provide weapons to the US government in a typical American Dream style movie. I found that the movie felt quite long despite having an interesting story, it does drag on in parts to feel longer than it actually is.

A strong film making technique that is required when making a movie about less than admirable characters is to remove empathy. Martin Scorsese is an excellent example of removing empathy when developing protagonists that are inherently bad characters. You care about the characters story but you are not immune to their faults and the audience has a desire for them to reach their comeuppance. After all, the main characters are arms dealers who profited from the War on Terror.

The two leads give great performances and this movie marks the return of Fat Funny Jonah Hill who throughout the film has the most obnoxious laugh that you can’t help but join in. It was great to see Miles Teller deliver a different take on a character than his regular nice guy jerk character. He has great potential and a long future in this industry.

I had fun with this movie and believe it has a lot of positives including having re-watchable factor. I think some of the things that let it down is that it feels like a long movie, the characters are not good people and it highlights the excessive and gratuitous nature of the US Military.

Despite the positives I don’t think the movie is a Distinction so I am grading it 67% a Credit.

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