Green Room Review

I am not normally one to enjoy a horror movie however this was a brilliantly scary movie. Although it was violent, it was far better than a modern slasher film and unlike the recent supernatural style horror movies, this film feels grounded in realism. This movie is a suspenseful siege thriller that sees the protagonists trapped inside a green room, fighting to find a way to escape.

The film was different to anything I have seen recently and had a great performance from the late Anton Yelchin, with a phenomenally scary performance from Patrick Stewart as the leader of a Neo Nazi gang. The use of just his voice makes Stewart terrifying, in a different change of pace than we usually see him. The film centres on a young band so desperate for work that they take a gig at a club run by Neo-Nazis. Here the band witness a crime being committed that leads to them being locked in the green room. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat as you feel locked in and wonder how will the band survive. Whilst the behaviour of the character may appear to be dumb I believe this adds to the story as the character begin to behave irrationally, as many people would. How many people could really stay calm and think rationally if trapped in a club by Neo-Nazis?

I would highly recommend this movie, even if you were not a fan of horror films you can still enjoy it, though if violence is a problem for you then maybe give it a miss. There are moments when the violence can reach a pretty graphic high but I believe that it worked in well with the story and increased the suspense. This is not a film you enjoy but a story you are engrossed by.

I give Green Room a Distinction (75%)

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