Sausage Party Review

This raunchy, animated movie is by no means appropriate for children. With its large amounts of swearing, sexual references and adult themes that you would expect from a Seth Rogan movie so please do not bring children under 15 (that’s the rating in Australia). What it also delivers is a surprising thought provoking movie with a deep look into life, race, religion and the idea of rules.

The animation was fantastic to watch, similar to the calibre of a Pixar film. The movie was also full of extremely talented voice actors, many of who I couldn’t even recognise include Edward Norton and James Franco. The themes the movie puts forward also caught me off guard as I was expecting another silly comedy, and this movie showcases the intelligence behind the mind of Rogan and Evan Goldberg, the way they deal with religion and race through the treatment of different products is a humorous method that makes you think about current world problems. That being said these messages are not forced upon you like an over bearing agenda, instead they add to the humour of the movie. Hopefully we will see more of the adult animated movies where we can explore adult themes through a less serious medium.

This is definitely not a movie that you see with your parent or if you are not a Seth Rogan fan. If you are a fan of his style of humour then you will enjoy this movie. When this movie makes you laugh it goes all out with there being a few laugh out loud moments, though there is not as many as the trailer would have you believe. You will consistently be able chuckle between those moments and enjoy the film. The final scene was one of the most bizarre and hilarious scenes in movies this year and it definitely elevated the movies comedy.

Having seen this movie with a group of my mates I would say that is the best way to see this movie.

I give Sausage Party a C Grade with 63%

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