Jason Bourne Review

As a fan of the original movies it’s hard to not get excited at the idea of Jason Bourne returning to the big screen and I was entertained through out the movie. Whilst this movie was not quite as strong as the first 3 movies it still has a Bourne feel to it with great action sequences and chase scenes.

(I won’t be including Jeremy Renner’s The Bourne Legacy when I talk about the originals, I liked it as a stand-alone movie not a Bourne movie).

I was really intrigued how they would tackle this plot as there was so many references to this movie being set in a post Snowden era of surveillance and I personally think they missed the mark with the story. The story they used of a Facebook like company doing off the book deals with the CIA would have been a scary look at something that could have existed but I think this story was not explored and characters around this plot left wanting. I also think the idea of a CIA Director and “Mark Zuckerburg” style character speaking at a Tech conference to be a little far fetched. As I said an interesting storyline that had potential but doesn’t stick the landing.

This is an entertaining film that draws from the original movies, one of the things that let me down was that Jason Bourne does not fight someone with a random object like previous films (a pen in Identity or a magazine in Supremacy) but that was just a minor point. A really enjoyable movie with a great cast especially Alicia Vikander who plays a CIA computer specialist with great ambitions, if they make more films I really hope she sticks around. Vincent Cassel was strong as the Asset but like all Bourne enemies he will probably be forgotten or get his role confused with another ‘asset’. Matt Damon was born to play this role (no pun intended) as it would be his most know character and you can tell he cares about this movie and does not deliver a performance just for the pay cheque.

I give Jason Bourne a Credit grade 65%

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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